Here we go again…

The last time I tried to do something like this I was coming out of a severe depressive episode.

I felt creative – my juices were flowing and I needed an outlet. I felt like I was feverishly penning the synergy between my subconscious and the recent past. I thought I had something to say and I needed and outlet for the oration.

I became excited by a new reader in a location that I had never before set foot.

I stopped because it became tarnished. I had one piece of negative feedback which hurt and a family illness took centre stage. Instead of being a creative outlet it became a conduit for my frustration, emotion, and anger.

So. Take Two

What will Take Two look like?

The first three paragraphs of this entry are comparable but in no way the same.

The differences? I am nearly 10 years older. I have a better idea of myself: what I’m good at; what I’m bad at; what I like to do; what I don’t like doing; my weaknesses and strengths; what helps maintain who I am and what keeps me well. I feel that my voice is now becoming my own and less a myriadic mosaic of the voices that I like and to whom I can relate. I am not whole or complete. I’m still at the embryonic stage of meeting the ‘real me’. It’s the first date and I’ve sized up the person that is sitting opposite an empty chair.

Take Two will go further than my past attempt – rather than merely being a literary outlet, it will combine my creative work with words on my own journey, as well as words on other’s work that enters my grey matter.

To quote Jim Carrey, “I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world, and now I feel like the world and the universe experiencing a guy”

To close, I would recommend watching [Jim Carrey]